Art, Music, LOTE, Physical Education, Wellbeing

Every week student have lessons in areas other than English and Maths. Physical education twice every week allows children to continue to build the skills and fitness to live happy and balanced lives. Our wellbeing approaches include emotional literacy and resilience and respectful relationships with others.

Science and Technology

Our dedicated Science and Technology program incorporates Robots, Coding and Engineering which includes design and construction materials. The Avoca Science program has clear links to our local environment including nearby waterways and sustainable energy production. At Avoca Primary School we introduce 1-1 devices to students in year 3 as part of our BYOD program.


Daily and repeated exposure to all mathematic concepts continues to be a strength of our mathematics program. This rigorous daily practice is fully supported through explicit instruction and high expectations. We apply these concepts through mathematic investigations and every classroom has the materials that ensure mathematical knowledge is constructed through the conceptual and concrete. As with English whole class instruction is strengthened through focus groups and individual conferences.


At Avoca Primary School we have an absolute commitment to providing the highest possible standards in learning for every student. Our unrelenting focus on the foundational knowledge and skills to be a successful student starts at the very early stages in reading and writing right through to grade 6. Our approaches to English learning include phonemic approaches to reading and spelling, daily direct instruction in reading and writing supported by purposeful learning tasks and differentiated small focus group instruction. We continue to have a clear focus on comprehension strategies for both fiction and nonfiction text in both electronic and print forms.