Parents are always keen to know what a school can offer their children. At Avoca Primary, we encourage parents to come for a tour, meet the staff and students and ask questions. You will be able to see first-hand our amazing school building and the learning that is on offer at Avoca Primary.

If your child is attending four year old kindergarten, have a talk with your kindergarten teacher to find out about local schools and school readiness. They will help you with knowing your child’s readiness for school and what you can be helping with in the months leading up to starting Foundation.

Our school follows the Department of Education’s Enrolment Policy for the enrolment, placement, and transfer of students. Enrolling in a government primary school can depend on your address.

Enrolment inquiries at Avoca Primary School can be made by calling the office on 03 5465 3176 or by email on avoca.ps@education.vic.gov.au.

We look forward to taking your call!

Our School Zone

Our school zone is available on findmyschool.vic.gov.au which hosts the most up-to-date information on school zones in Victoria.

Students residing within our school zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined based on your permanent residential address.

Our school manages enrolments using the Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and may enrol at another school, if there are available places.

For more information, you can:

All other applications will be considered subject to available space, and prioritised according to:

Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time

  • All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  • Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.

Foundation (Prep) Enrolments

The Department of Education has a statewide Foundation (Prep) enrolment timeline.

The timeline advises families when and how to enrol their child into Foundation (Prep) at a Victorian government primary school, including Avoca Primary School.

You can find information and resources about the enrolment timeline at: Enrolling in Foundation (Prep).

Enrolment Forms

Enrolment forms can be collected from our school office or mailed to families by request.

If you are enrolling your child in a school, you will need to complete enrolment forms and provide documentation such as birth certificates and immunisation records.

If you are interested in enrolling at our school, please request an Enrolment form from our school office at Avoca Primary School by phoning 03 5465 3176 or emailing avoca.ps@education.vic.gov.au.

Updating Information

The information which you provide on Admission Forms is important in helping us look after your child, and should be kept up to date.

In particular we need to know; Change of address, change of telephone number, fax number (at home or work), change of parent’s work arrangements, change of student’s health/medical status or emergency contacts and any legal decisions that involve student welfare. We also ask parents to complete a form granting permission to use digital photos of their children in different publications.

For further information on enrolment visit the Department of Education and Training on the following link.

Victorian Government Schools (Victorian Government)

Parent Payments

Parent Payment Policy (DET Victoria)